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DOGS: What you need to know to protect yourself

DOGS: What you need to know to protect yourself

So, on a run not too long ago, I was chased by two dogs who had collars but not on leashes. Their owners were no where to be seen, and I was terrified because while they looked friendly enough, I’ve seen videos of how dogs can just snap and try to rip your face off. I’m withholding the breed of these dogs, because I don’t think that should matter. I’ve seen all breeds snap and attack.

I saw them…

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I saw this on my feed and saved the photo. It really resonated with me. Lately, people have been questioning my attitude and calling me a “sour patch kid” and it hurts my feelings but I also know that they don’t know what I am going through and have been through. Then I saw this and suddenly I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I dunno, maybe I am looking too much into it. But maybe it’s exactly what I need to hear. #momentofclarity

I adore Runmeter - and here’s why you should too!

I adore Runmeter – and here’s why you should too!

I made the rounds on all the running apps on my phone, and always ended up frustrated. One of the popular apps always screwed up distance for me when I used it. Another popular one never got my pace right. A friend of mine uses the Nike Plus app, but he also has the sensor that goes in the shoe and I don’t have that. Another friend owns a Garmin watch, and I just don’t have that kind of cash flow…

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